Many dream of making the world a better, more inclusive place. But dreaming isn’t enough. Capital alone and operational expertise isn’t enough. When innovative solutions are paired with an alchemy of people with purpose, capital, operational expertise and deep market understanding, the dream of financial inclusion becomes a reality in emerging markets. At Quona, we bring the alchemy of dreams into the light of day. Because we’re not just dreamers, we’re dreamers who do.

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Our focus

Through our investments, Quona aims to deliver outstanding financial returns while making a lasting and positive impact on the world. It’s investing that gives back in the form of more financially secure families and more prosperous businesses. We are fostering change where it is needed most, working toward a world of opportunity, purpose, and prosperity.

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Social impact

Purpose and profits should not be mutually exclusive, yet it’s far more difficult to evaluate social returns than financial ones. Working with other leading impact investors and fintech firms, we developed a framework that defines and measures the social returns of our portfolio across three core criteria: access, quality, and markets.

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Value proposition

Our people, focus, and network set Quona apart. Quona’s team has broad entrepreneurial and investment experience in emerging markets, which helps us relate to and connect with entrepreneurs. We possess a deep understanding of the global fintech sector—it’s all we do—and a vast network that can help our portfolio companies scale to maximize impact and financial returns.

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Accion partnership

Quona and its portfolio benefit from a strategic relationship with Accion, a global nonprofit committed to creating a financially inclusive world, with a pioneering legacy in microfinance and fintech impact investing. Accion’s global presence, technical expertise, institutional relationships and history of impact are literally part of Quona’s DNA: the firm got its start as an idea within Accion before becoming an independent
venture firm in 2015.