We help founders build a more financially inclusive world.

Lula provides access to funding to launch businesses.

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Wasoko puts the power of e-commerce in the hands of informal retailers.

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Yoco is shaping the future of small business in South Africa and beyond.

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Ula brings the power of e-commerce to store owners across Southeast Asia.

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What We’re About

Quona Capital is a global venture firm focused on inclusive fintech. We invest in startups expanding access to financial services for consumers and growing businesses across India and Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. We focus on markets that are massively underserved by the legacy finance infrastructure, where we see the biggest opportunity for transformation into more equitable financial systems.

Beyond pure-play fintechs, we invest in startups solving broader economic and social challenges, where embedded financial solutions can serve as a catalyst—from supply chain and agtech platforms to e-commerce, proptech and health.

Since 2015, we have invested in emerging markets while simultaneously measuring our impact on financial inclusion at the company and portfolio level. In our portfolio, you will find no trade-off between returns and impact.


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We are collaborative, disciplined, diverse and committed to changing the world for the better.

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The Power of Inclusive Fintech

Finance is the fuel that powers the global economic engine. Access to banking, credit and payment services are as fundamental to global multi-nationals as they are to community-focused small businesses.

We believe that financial innovation is a catalyst for transformation from a have/have-not global financial system into one that is more equitable and affordable for everyone.

We believe that innovation is as likely to sprout from São Paulo or Bangalore as it is from Silicon Valley or London. We see a huge opportunity to cross-pollinate solutions from these and other markets across the global venture ecosystem.

Fintech alone is not enough. It needs to be inclusive to be economically transformative. 

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Our Platform

We bridge
global markets.

Since 2015, we have invested in 70+ companies across fifteen countries, from pure play fintechs in payments, credit and insurance, to embedded finance at the cross-sections of health, agriculture, education, commerce, supply chain logistics, proptech, mobility and climate.

Every market is different, but what connects us is more powerful than what differentiates us. The Quona team uniquely understands the challenges global fintech entrepreneur face as they build their companies, recruit world class teams, work constructively with regulators, expand geographically and move across borders.

We are domain experts who roll up our sleeves for our portfolio companies – generous with introductions within our network, and strategic about connecting the right dots across markets.

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